The Why Behind : Date Night Candle

The Why Behind : Date Night Candle


My dad is a king when it comes to choosing cologne. I might not be a huge fan myself, but it’s part of his whole thing and I respect that. But, growing up, it did make him hard to buy for. I remember sniffing my way round the cologne section at Boots, trying to tell one shade of musk from another. I wanted to find that smell that was just him – a cologne that reeked of his quiet confidence.

For a lot of us, cologne is sort of an armour. We go out with it on for an interview or a first date and know that even if all else fails we can take pride in the fact that we smelled good.


When making this candle, I wanted to develop something that can give us that feeling – that calm, collected feeling that our whole house can wear.
And this particular scent of cologne is pretty much perfect, even if I do say so myself. It might even be up to my dad’s impeccable standards.

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