The Why Behind : The Life is Sweet Candle

The Why Behind : The Life is Sweet Candle
This reminds me of the best part of childhood: that moment when school is over for the day. My friends and I used to pop down to the local corner shop every day, just to ogle the sweets, overwhelmed by the possibilities lining the shelves. When you’re a kid, there’s nothing more exciting than a sweet shop – the rows of gaudily packaged chocolate, a neon rainbow of e-numbers. It was my daily dose of heaven. I only had one problem: being eleven years old, I was broke as a joke. It could take me days of hunting for loose change to save up enough for my sugar fix.
But after weeks and months of scrounging, I devised a solution to my predicament. And man, was it an ingenious solution! Every day, when my Mum gave me my bus money, I would set off as if to go to the bus stop. But instead, I’d peg it to school, speed-walking the whole way there and saving the cost of a return fare. That way, when I made it to the corner shop in that glorious afterschool moment, I had pennies galore to spend! I was on a sugar high that I rode all the way through Year Seven.
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