The Why Behind : The Sex on the Beach Candle

The Why Behind : The Sex on the Beach Candle

This reminds me of a holiday I took with some mates when I was 20. We spent a summer in Barcelona – and there was one particular night I think I’ll always remember. Drinks were cheap (Sangria was half price!) and everything about that night just felt like it had a sparkling, glitzy lens on it. I guess that’s what they call beer goggles. But it’s still how I remember it. We danced all night and drank too much, and even when I woke up that haze hadn’t lifted. I was drunk enough that I spent the morning tipsy, walking into walls hangover-free. That particular aspect might be a memory you can only make when you’re 20! I guess that makes it even more precious. Even now, there are days I want nothing more than to go back to Barcelona and be 20 again. But though that might not be possible, taking a whiff of this candle gets me close enough.


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