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Why Candles for Men?

Let’s be honest – most guys’ smells are crap.

If you go through the aftershaves and colognes on offerat most supermarkets, what do they smell like? What even is “musk” actually? I’ve always felt like the smells on offer just aren’t cutting it for me. After all, when compared to perfumes, cologne is theweakest and most short-lasting scent. And when you look for something a bit stronger, you get allthose gimmicky smells – bacon-scented, fart-scented.

I don’t feel like one of those guys – I’m not one of the guys who want the classy, barely-there scent; I’m not one of the guys who want the gimmick.

I’m a man who wants to fill my life with great smells that take me back to my happiest moments.The nose is an incredible tool for making memories 3D – when you smell something that reminds you of home, or your primary school, or that summer when you were 18, you know it. Immediately ittakes you back, more than any words or pictures can.

When you smell that scent, you recapture the feelings, the way it felt to be that person in that place.What’s great about smells is that they spark different associations for everyone. Maybe you used to run a lemonade stand with your mates – maybe that’s what our lemon candle smells of to you.Maybe you visited a cocktail bar on your first holiday after you turned 18, and our sex on the beachcandle reminds you of that. You don’t need to be a lumberjack to sense that thrill when you catchthe scent of the forest, or to love the smell of raw wood before it goes into the fire.
You don’t need to be a player to smell our perfume candle and think of that one girl you’ll never forget.

Our candles pull you back into your own unique memories – but they can also be a backdrop uponwhich you can form new memories. My friends and I watched the World Cup final together whilecooking an early Christmas dinner and burning one of our cinnamon candles. Now, whenever I smell cinnamon, I’m brought right back to the exhilaration of that first goal.

What’s your story? What will these candles mean to you?


“I'm just a guy trying to help other guys express themselves. We can all be more than the stereotype”

I'm Based in Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom, been here since I was a Kid. I love it here because it's a city environment, but so close to the countryside. You can have the best of both worlds.

I started MCC in October 2022, after many years of buying candles and never being fully satisfied. So I thought I'd share these - and I found other felt the same way! Guys don't have great alternatives for candles that aren't made for women - until now. 

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